Hearing Protection

Attention! NOISE DESTROYS HEARING! Once destroyed, your hearing will not come back, EVER!!! EVER!!! Approximately 10 million workers in the Canada are exposed to potentially hazardous noise levels and YOU are one of them! Many of you have seen the destructive power of sound demonstrated by a singer, whose voice can shatter a glass across the room. If sound waves can do that, it’s not surprising that they can also inflict serious damage to your hearing. Construction work has traditionally been a noisy occupation, and unfortunately there is an army of seasoned construction workers out there with hearing loss to prove it. By the time most people detect a hearing problem, it’s already too late – the damage is done – and there is NO CURE. Noise related hearing injuries are cumulative over days, weeks, months and years. Noise erodes your hearing much like water erodes the soil. Each time the damaging sound or water flows, the erosion become worse, until eventually the area is destroyed. How much noise is too much? For your hearing protection, OSHA Standards place allowable limits on noise exposure. When occupational noise exceeds these limits, steps must be taken to eliminate, reduce, or relocate the source of the sound. If an exposure to sound hazards still exists, then appropriate hearing protection must be worn (Plain cotton is not an acceptable protection device.). Noise measurements are taken on the Syncrude site on a periodic basis and appropriate signage is installed to warn people of the hazards and PPE requirements. How do you know when you’re in danger? Watch for the PPE signs and wear your hearing protection. Also, you have exposed yourself to danger and your hearing has being permanently damaged.
When you must shout to be heard above noise levels.
When your ears are ringing or hearing is muffled by quitting time
When working near noisy equipment
When noise levels cause pain or discomfort in your ears.
The solution to protecting your hearing is very simple. Wear earplugs or muffs. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to put wear them, just do it. Remember,“Working Safely, Allows you to Keep Working”