We have the knowledge & equipment to get the job done.

Let’s work together.


Ocanada offers residential painting services. We paint indoors, outdoors and on all surfaces. From fences to full houses, we’re ready to go.



We have been providing the Edmonton area with commercial painting service for over two decades. We provide quality workmanship & service.



Edmonton is and industry hotbed, and we keep it looking fresh. Warehouses to dealerships, schools and more. We have the equipment and the know how.



Ocanada can give you that showroom epoxy floor. Great quality, great finish. We use the highest quality, water based epoxy for a clean, solid finish. These floors are great and easy to maintain.


Industial coating can be the difference between a worthy investment, and an unmaintainable piece of equipment. We provide coatings that stand up against the elements of our harsh landscape,


We only use the highest quality, most appropriate paints for our projects. We can do large scale prints on your building, all the way to residential house painting. Experience is our asset and we have plenty. We do it all, and we do it well.

Free Estimates

Ocanada offers free estimates for any project. Give us a call, we’ll set up an appointment and have a professional come to see you. You’ll discuss the scope of the project and when you’re satisfied, we’ll get started.


Ocanada Contractors is prepared to do all kinds of restorations. From Churches to Shopping Centres, we’ll take it on. Call for a free estimate on your restoration project.

Strata Painting

Ocanada is pleased to offer strata painting; whether it be apartments, condominiums, townhomes, or multiple residential properties, we got you covered!

Painted Logoing

Large format, painted logoing on the side of your building. These permanent pieces really leave a mark. See our AFD project as an example.


Here at Ocanada we believe anything can be made beautiful again. Give us a call today if you need something refurbished!

Elastomeric coatings

Elastomeric coatings are higher volume solid paints which, when applied give a structure more strength and durability.


Give Ocanada a call for all your Drywall installation and repair needs.

Restaurant Painting

Our highly skilled staff members are experts and know the challenges that come with making bar, restaurant, and kitchen atmospheres really stand out.

Garage Painting

Give your garage, either interior or exterior the makeover it deserves. Paint the walls, or get a nice epoxy coat for a nice overall appearance.

Deck/Fence Painting

With our sometimes harsh Canadian weather, decks and fences are often left weathered and unappealing. Ocanada has the solution

New Construction Painting

All of Ocanada’s staff are fully trained with a full set of personal protective equipment (PPE) and capable of perfecting your new construction projects.


Let one of our professionals give your woodwork a boost with one of our many stain and varnishing options.


Ocanada just recently invested in multiple scissor and boom lifts. Our highly skilled workers use these for our projects, however they may also be rented.



With jobs such as the new LRT extension in Edmonton, we have the perfect solution if graffiti and vandalism is an issue for you.

DayCare/ School Painting

We realize the smell of paint is sometimes cause for concern, so we utilize a zero VOC product in situations where this may be an issue.

Pressure Washing

Ocanada has a fleet of pressure washers, and other cleaning equipment to handle any dirty project you can throw at us!

Wallpaper/Vinyl Installation

For specialty wallpaper and vinyl installations, Ocanada works with some of the best installers in Edmonton.


Production Line Painting

Ocanada’s new industrial sized paint bay is perfect to facilitate your large scale production line painting requirements.


Popcorn or California Knockdown, Ocanada contactors can complete all of your ceiling finishing projects.