Commercial Painters – Edmonton & Area

Customers’ first impressions of your business are shaped largely by the appearance of your building. In many cases, a simple paint job can make a remarkable transformation. Our philosophy is that a job well done is the best advertising — and the commercial painters at OCanada Contractors always perform to the highest standards.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Our commercial painters specialize in both interior and exterior painting. No matter if your office needs an update to create a more welcoming atmosphere or you need to paint an entire warehouse or the facade of your building, OCanada Contractors can help.

Specialist Commercial Projects

The commercial painters on our team have a diverse set of skills, allowing us to offer specific services just for commercial applications. For instance, if you have a bar or restaurant, we will assign painters who are experts in dealing with the unique challenges within these establishments. Another service we offer is logo painting, only performed by our most experienced commercial painters. Edmonton businesses use this service to ensure their location gets noticed.

Our commercial painters are also knowledgeable about the different types of paints that will best suit your needs. For example, we can use anti-graffiti paint in places where vandalism is a concern to reduce the risk that you’ll need another paint job in the near future. We can also use zero-VOC products to eliminate paint smells and headaches. This is perfect for avoiding downtime and keeping spaces such as schools and health centres safe.

A Full Service

At OCanada Contractors, we do far more than just paint. We start by preparing the area, making any necessary repairs, and cleaning the surface. We even have pressure washers to clean large surfaces and expedite the process. After we finish painting, we clean up — and it’s like we were never even there!

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