Parking Lot Line Painting – Edmonton & Area

We go beyond simple parking lot line painting. Edmonton businesses can take advantage of our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art line painting program. We have the capability to supply and install logos or stencils in parking lots, warehouses, and other spaces.

At OCanada, we offer all of the following parking lot line painting services.

New Parking Lot Lines

Add parking lot lines to your new construction to keep your lot organized and maximize space.

Curb & Speed Bump Painting

Curbs that lack a fresh coat of paint don’t just make the area look rundown and neglected — they can also be difficult to see, presenting hazards for drivers. Enhance visibility with paint on curbs and speed bumps to promote a safe flow of traffic.

Warehouse Floor Painting

Section off different points of your warehouse to clearly indicate where items belong and prevent accidents.

Parking Lot Sweep & Power Washing

After receiving parking lot line painting service, protect the paint by keeping the area clean. Our team will sweep the ground spotless and use a pressure washer to remove any stubborn dirt.

Hospital Symbols

It’s important that patients and visitors to your hospital know where they should park. The OCanada team will paint official markings to ensure visitors use the pick-up and drop-off lanes correctly and leave space for doctors, nurses, and emergency vehicles.

Handicap Symbol

Designate spots in your parking lot for disabled users by allowing us to paint a handicap symbol in the appropriate areas.

Bike Lane Indicators

Keep cyclists safe with bike lane indicators. We will paint your entire bike lane, no matter how long it is.

Directional Indicators

Avoid confusion and keep traffic moving in your parking lot with directional indicators.

Examples of our Work.

Check out our gallery of work for a glimpse into the parking lot line painting services we offer.