Pressure Washer – Edmonton & Area

With professional pressure washing, Fort McMurray and other Edmonton-area homes and businesses instantly improve their appearance. You may also need a pressure washer to clean a surface before another job, such as a restoration, sealing, painting, or staining. At OCanada Contractors, we have an entire fleet of pressure washers and can handle any dirty project our clients have throughout Edmonton and the surrounding area.

How Pressure Washing Works

A pressure washer uses a high-pressure spray of water to clean an area such as a deck, driveway, parking lot, or fence. In addition to enhancing appearances, pressure washing protects surfaces by clearing them of mold, sediment, weeds, insects, algae, and other contaminants that lead to deterioration. It also sanitizes the area, which is important for places environments with children as well as various commercial settings.

Our Pressure Washer Services

Our team is experienced in carrying out various types of jobs with a pressure washer. Edmonton residents and business owners contract OCanada for the following pressure washing services.

House Washing

For house cleanings, we put the pressure washer on a soft setting to protect the facade of your house. The cleaning removes mold and grime to improve curb appeal or to prepare your home for painting.

Concrete Cleaning

Many businesses in Edmonton seek our concrete cleaning services. Places like warehouses and parking lots become dirty with oil, tar, gum, and rust. We remove it all — no matter how many years it has been stuck to the concrete.

Fence and Deck Cleaning

A wood structure like a fence or deck may look like it needs replacing when, in fact, it simply needs to be refreshed. We can wash the wood to prepare it for a fresh coat of paint or staining.

Roof Washing

Over the years, algae starts to grow on roofs, discolouring the shingles. By washing the roof with a pressure washer, Grand Prairie and other local homeowners can extend the lifespan of their roofs.

Brick Cleaning

We can remove graffiti, mold, calcium deposits, and more from brick, whether the stains are on the side of a building or in paving. Our experts know how to do the job without damaging the brick.

Commercial Services

Our experts can clean your entire premises in one day. We excel in cleaning the outsides of apartment complexes or office buildings as well as walkways and patios.

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