Wallpaper Installation – Edmonton & Area

Wallpaper adds another dimension to your interior design. It incorporates patterns, tones, and textures that would be impossible to achieve with paint alone, infusing the space with your personality or brand image. Wallpaper installation can be difficult –  especially if you’ve never done it before. Turn to OCanada Contractors for an expert wallpaper installation service.

Types of Wallpaper

Our team is made up of more than 30 painters who have the skills and know-how to transform your building. We’ll help you

Our team has years of experience in wallpaper installation. Edmonton homeowners and businesses can choose between traditional wallpaper, fabrics, vinyl wall coverings, and other kinds of specialty wallpaper — no job is too challenging for our experts.

Our Process

Just choosing a colour scheme for a room can be difficult. With wallpaper, you also need to think about design and material. Our professionals can offer expert advice to help you narrow down your options and arrive at a design you love.

We’ll even make suggestions about where you may like to install wallpaper. For instance, you could wallpaper an accent wall, the top of cabinets, the backs of shelves, or a room you never considered wallpapering, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Once we’ve agreed on the details, the next step is to prep the walls and cut the wallpaper to the right size. Lastly comes the wallpaper installation itself. We’ll create a plumb line, hang the paper and smooth it out, and then trim the paper to fit the wall. We repeat this detailed process for each sheet.

Commercial Applications

It’s no longer just homes that are using wallpaper. More offices and retail spaces are realizing the benefits of wallpaper as a way to better present their brand. In large spaces, we often use digital wallpaper murals, which call for a great deal of installation skills to achieve a flawless appearance. During the wallpaper installation, our team pays attention to the smallest details to ensure you’ll be thrilled with the end result.

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